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About Chimney Sweeping

What is a chimney sweep?

A  chimney sweep  or chimney cleaning should be a regular part of your home maintainence routine. Having your chimney swept is a vital process to protect your home from the possibility of a chimney fire occurring. A chimney sweep removes the combustible deposits called soot or creosote from your chimney by either brushing or using another mechanical tool to sweep the soot or creosote down.

What can happen if I don't have my chimney swept or inspected?

If you don't have your chimney swept or inspected often and you continue to use it, there is a greater chance of you experiencing a chimney fire. A chimney fire occurs when the combustible deposits called creosote that naturally build up in the chimney during use, actually catch on fire. This fire can burn extremely hot and fast. The heat can damage the interior of your chimney called the flue lining. The fire can transfer to other parts of the house, depending on the how the chimney is built and the length of time that the chimney is on fire.

Does sweeping my chimney make a mess?

NO, we care about your house and belongings. As a professional chimney sweeping companies ,we go out of our way to keep your house clean while we preform our chimney sweeping service. We lay down drop cloths and use industry-standard vaccums to protect the surrounding areas of the fireplace or woodstove.

Safety Information about chimneys:

Chimneys are an integral part of many homes. It is the chimney's responsibility to vent the hazardous gases that are created by your home heating appliance. It is of the utmost importance that your chimney is working correctly to ensure the safety of your family.

Many chimney problems, such as holes and cracks, in the masonry of the chimney go unnoticed until there is a problem that is very noticeable. Chimney problems can cause your heating furnace to stop working properly, fireplace smoke to come back into your house or cause water to come though your ceiling or walls.

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