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Spring is such a wonderful time of the year. The birds are chirping, the flowers and trees start to bloom. People open their houses up to the fresh air and start their Spring cleaning projects. There is a general sense of positivity and relief that Old Man Winter is in the rear view mirror. But then as you are cleaning your home you notice a funny little spot on the ceiling or wall next to or on the chimney. You say to yourself "I don't remember that being there!"

Your Chimney is Leaking

There are numerous ways that your chimney can leak. Most people assume that maybe the chimney flashing is bad or needs to be resealed. Then starts the process of adding caulking or roof tar to the flashing. You think to yourself "That should do it!" but it does not. The next rain or storm you see more water coming in, at or near the chimney. Now what do you do?

Leaking chimneys are one of the most common calls for a chimney contractor. The story seems to be the same all the time. "My chimney was leaking, so I called my roofing contractor/handyman/friend and they added tar and sealed the flashing, but it didn't work."